"Nostalgia" by Lariza Eral

May 13, 2017

I love capturing all of my favorite things - people, places, feelings, moments, everything. When I'm not painting I'm trying to document as much of my life as I can so these memories can stay with me forever. I spend a lot of my time flipping through album after album and reliving days that I was either too young to remember or didn't even realize had happened. I get to relive the happiest moments. The best part about nostalgia is feeling the exact same way you did at that moment even if it had happened years ago.
2017, Devil's Slide.
2016, Pier 39.
2016, My favorite place with my favorite person. (1/2)
2016, cont. (2/2)
2017, Baker Beach.
2016, the super moon.
2015, self portraits on film. (1/2)
2015, cont. (2/2)
2016, went on an adventure with my favorite human.
2016, self portrait. 

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