“Summer Daze” by Madelyn Moore

August 5, 2017

I wrote this piece while feeling very lost and very confused. These feelings seem quite common for recent high school graduates, and I am no exception. Even though these feelings can sometimes seem eternal, it never hurts to try to remember the good things in the end. 

The neighborhood kids are spending their days splashing in pools of lukewarm water, running barefoot in the streets, and eating away at their rapidly melting popsicles. It is Summer. I, on the other hand, have confined myself in four blue walls. My bedroom is a haven; a safe place for my mind to travel through whatever technicolor universe I wish was reality. Staying here, in this bedroom, means that I don't have to face my new reality. The reality of being a high school graduate. Sure, everyone making a big fuss over you is quite flattering, and the gifts aren't bad either, but after all your aunts, uncles, parents, and grandparents have done all their hooping, hollering, and picture-taking, you're left with the not-so-subtle feeling of responsibility, and most of all, confusion. And Summer gives you plenty of time to mull over these feelings and your inevitable reality. Lately, I’ve been doing nothing but lying in bed all day, watching movies I’ve seen at least five times before, and trying to ignore my chores and responsibilities. I’m moving to a new town in about three weeks, and I’ve never felt such a mixture of excitement and terror before. There isn't much to do except pack and wait. It’s hard feeling like I have to wait for everything. I mean, I have to wait until I move to start looking for a job, I have to wait to go to college, I have to wait to make new friends, and I feel like I have to wait to be happy. Despite all of this, I know that things will take their course, and the universe will listen, and I’ll end up where I’m supposed to be. I know that this journey may not be the smoothest one, but I’ll get there nonetheless.


  1. this is VERY relatable and beautifully written!

  2. BEAUTIFUL! and as someone who just graduated so insanely relatable. knowing all good things come but having to wait on them , letting the universe do all the magic is so hard