Tennis Club

December 17, 2017

We’re a three piece from Joplin MO, Wilson Hernandez: Vocals/Guitar; Justin Akin: Bass; and Sean O’Dell: Drums.

We’re influenced by 60’s garage, surf and pop music.

We formed a band to play for a friend's record release party and things started going so well that we decided to play more shows throughout the summer. We’ve played almost 30 shows this year since we started in late spring. We recorded our album in September in 3 days on a digital 8 track recorder and we got it released through Wallflower Records on tape and by Spirit Goth records.

Click here to listen to Tennis Club's entire self-titled album (or stream it on Spotify). We love their sound and have been listening to their album on repeat ever since they shared it with us--we hope that you love them too!
And click here to watch Tennis Club's music video for their song "Birthday."

Follow Tennis Club on Instagram (@tennisclubtheband) and Facebook (@tennisclubband).

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