"Bleach" Video Premiere (+ Tour Announcement!) from The Aquadolls

June 28, 2019

If you’re in desperate need of some new bangers, look no further. Comprised of lead singer Melissa, Jackie on the drums, Kate on guitar, and Keilah on keyboard and bass, The Aquadolls are a California-based, self-proclaimed psychedelic surf-punk girl band whose music is fitting for every occasion. Right now, they’re releasing their new music video for the song "Bleach," which can guarantee some headbanging and even a guest appearance by Coldhart!

"Bleach" is completely propelled by angst. It’s the ninth track on their 2018 album The Dream and the Deception and Melissa describes it as “the turning point in the album where it shifts into the deception segment, where love is lost and the first reaction to this loss is anger. This song represents the pains of heartbreak, when all you wanna do is hurt back the person who hurt you worse.” You can feel this intensely through the steady but forceful drum beats and the unequivocally raw vocals. Not to mention the fun, vengeful lyrics. Melissa continues by saying “The chain in the music video, also pictured on the album cover, represents how I was bound by someone holding my true self back, and now that I am free from them, take the chains and tangle them up in the mess they started, forcing them to suffer a little bit of the pain I felt. Now while I would not recommend anyone chain their ex’s to a chair and pour bleach on them, this is a dramatization of a dream I once had on getting my revenge. Once again, do not try this at home!!! Only in your head. Maybe.”

As for the experience behind making the video, it sounds like a truly amazing time. Jackie said she loved sitting as their fans skated around the band in Little Tokyo. I was ecstatic to hear that during The Aquadolls’ live soundchecks, Jackie likes to yell her favourite line from "Bleach": “with a blow torch instead!” into the microphone repeatedly. Kate enjoyed holding some pretty symbolic candles during the shoot - they drip red, as though bleeding, “representing the bloody mess a heartbreak can leave you in” she says. Keilah was admittedly freezing in her crop top, but served some serious looks throughout. This was a monumental experience for the band as this was the first music video they all shot together.

But wait! There’s more! The band will be embarking on their Cali Aquababe tour, playing Warped Tour at Mountain View, as well as headlining in Sacramento, Fresno, and their first show in Bakersfield. Those of you fortunate enough to live in the area, go go go! They’ll be playing some classics, songs from their latest album, a new song or two, and a couple covers.

Jul 18 - Temblor - Bakersfield, CA
Jul 20 - Vans Warped Tour - Mountain View, CA
Jul 21 - Goldfield Trading Post - Sacramento, CA
Jul 22 - Strummer's - Fresno, CA
Jul 28 - Belly Up Tavern - Solanda Beach, CA (21+)

Tickets just went on sale yesterday morning at the-aquadolls.com/tour!

Words by Saffron Maeve + Visuals by Molly Alexander

We are thrilled and honored to be able to share with you a brand new music video for the Aquadolls' track "Bleach," shot + edited by dashymedia. Watch the video below and then keep scrolling to read an exclusive interview with The Aquadolls by Molly Alexander!

DISSOLVING FILM: Who or What inspired the visuals in your latest music video for "Bleach"? (any films, artists, things outside the music world, etc.)

JACKIE PROCTOR (Drums): I feel like it’s inspired by fucked up boys taking advantage of relationships and girls being like hell no bye bitch!

MELISSA BROOKS (Vocals and guitar): I was really inspired by red and black for this song and feel those colors represent the bloody nightmare heartbreak can be. As far as visual inspiration goes, I really love the scene in Texas Chainsaw Massacre where the main girl Sally is tied to a chair and how every one was taunting her, and I wanted to reverse the roles and situation in the video. Instead of chainsaws, pour bleach on your ex??? Also, I would never condone anyone to do such a thing, but this was definitely inspired by horror movies and how bad I wanted to get even with people of my past relationships.

What is your favorite song to perform and what would you like fans to take away from your shows?

KATE ROSE (Guitar): My favorite song to play is “Runaway” because it totally opens up the pit. It’s super punk rock and changes the mood from our other love songs. I hope our fans take away that
1. Girls can do anything
2. Our show is a safe space for everyone
3. We love you!!

JACKIE: My favorite song to perform live is “sick sad motherfuck” because it’s fast aggressive and gets out my emotions without me ever having to say them in words.

KEILAH NINA (Keyboard and Bass): I would say my favorite song to play live would be “Runaway”! It’s one of the first songs I got to learn on bass other than “Wander.” I really really love how it sounds all together and how the bass really made the song sound super full! It’s a real crowd pleaser and gets people head banging. I also really like playing the new song live! We don’t really have a name for it yet and haven’t played it at too many shows BUT it’s so so fun and raw. I’m so certain it’s going to turn into a crowd pleaser once we record, release, and start playing it live more!! <3

MELISSA: I love playing “Runaway (The Jam)” live! I love when the bass and guitars harmonize in the second breakdown, and then I get to put my guitar down and get everyone to clap and party with us!! It always gets the pit going. I also love singing “communicationissexy/idkhow2communicate” with the band because everyone sings together and Jackie made up some lines in between lyrics that aren’t on the recording. It’s fun to jam new ideas and try things differently live!! We also make the chorus heavier on “communication” and it’s always so surreal to see people singing along with us in the audience! The OG songs always get down live as well, like “Wander” and “Our Love Will Always Remain.” We’re going to throw in some older songs on this tour too, so I’m super excited to see how show goers react! Never be afraid to be a bad bitch and be unapologetically YOU. Much love and can’t wait to see you on tour!!

Interview by Molly Alexander

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