Ryan Galvez

July 20, 2019

I’m a 19 year old photographer from Los Angeles, California. I’ve been practicing photography for around two years and it has become something that has incorporated itself into my daily life. When I was 16, I started playing in punk bands around the Los Angeles area and started getting into the big alternative scene in LA. Skating, music, surfing, and street culture are all concepts that I try to document and capture in my photography.

The first photo is called “California Bros,” shot on medium format film. It’s inspired by my two best friends who love to surf.

My next shot is called “Skating in the Dark,” shot on 35mm film. This shot was taken as a candid of my friend hanging out one night listening to music and skating.

The main goal of my work is to document people’s passion through simple film/digital photography with minimal edits.

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