Track Review : "Mexico City" by Tennis Club

January 9, 2019

Missouri based duo, Tennis Club, makes their 2019 return with a music video for their latest track, “Mexico City.” Rhythmic guitar and drums are coupled with Wilson Hernandez’s echoing vocals, capturing the vibrancy of an adolescence tinged by vibrant discotheques and forgotten love. The accompanying visuals of flashing Christmas lights and neon crosses immerse the viewer into a Lite-Brite Las Vegas. Within a minute, the track manages to combine the softness of shoegaze with the nostalgic grit of surf rock. Tennis Club is putting their own DIY spin on bands like Spend Time Palace and Surf Curse, cultivating a sound that is uniquely theirs yet true to their roots. "Mexico City” provides listeners with a personal glimpse into their newest album Pink, set to release in the coming months.

“Mexico City” premiers on Stupid Decisions Records' YouTube tomorrow.

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Words by Molly Alexander

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