Track Review : "Lost in My Head" by Kit Major

May 14, 2019

It’s official! The 2000s are back with LA based singer-songwriter, Kit Major’s latest track “Lost in My Head.” Her electrifying vocals fuse with shimmering synth, transporting the listener to an iridescent realm of nostalgia and introspection. Pounding synthetic drum beats and chimes lead into emotionally charged lyrics of internalized anxieties and fears. The lyrical narrative shifts from portraying time lost in your head as a breeding ground for habitual self blame towards a beneficial time for reflection. Listeners will find value in Major's honest glimpse into her mental health, detailing experiences many can relate to. As a whole, Major has crafted a modern pop classic that combines the stylistic edge of early Britney Spears with a timeless and universal narrative.

“Lost in My Head” and the accompanying music video are out now on various streaming platforms. Follow Kit Major on her intergalactic quest to save the future of pop music whilst saving herself from the grips of her own mental health.

Listen to Kit Major on your preferred streaming platform and follow her on Instagram to stay informed of her future releases and events.

Words by Molly Alexander

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