Track Review : "Pink Sweater! Pink Shoes!" by Tennis Club

May 15, 2019

If Tennis Club isn’t already on your radar for this month’s album releases, I urge you to draw your attention to the self-proclaimed lo-fi garage band. Tennis Club is a Joplin-based duo led by Wilson Hernandez’s euphonious, gauzy vocals. Just yesterday they released a single entitled “Pink Sweater! Pink Shoes!,” which feels especially confessional and addresses what can only be described as diluted love. “Pink Sweater! Pink Shoes!” serves as a prominent point of progression in Tennis Club’s career. Their self-titled album came out two years ago, filled with fan-favourites like “Birthday” and “Chinese Slippers.” Now, after being signed to a new label, they will be releasing their follow up album Pink.

Tennis Club’s sound can be described as harbouring muted punk energy that feels reminiscent to 1960s surf (arguably the most underrated subgenre of rock). Comprised of mesmerizing melodies juxtaposed with melancholic lyrics, “Pink Sweater! Pink Shoes!” says everything we would want to scream off the edge of a cliff. It combats and chronicles the plights of unrequited love amongst the springtime blues, but preserves a melodic energy that will carry us swiftly into summer. The song is accompanied by a silkily smooth lyric video that is, you guessed it, completely pink. Chock fullof simplistic visuals and heavy meaning, the video will give you some good old teenhood nostalgia.

With the band now signed to Elefant Records and with a new album on the way, it is safe to say that we can anticipate even more bops and bangers from our friendly neighbourhood Tennis Club. And for all you record player folks, you can throw on your rosy sweaters and dance around your room to the entire album on a 10″ pink record on May 31st!

Listen to Tennis Club on your preferred streaming platform and follow them on Instagram to be informed of their future releases and events.

Words by Saffron Maeve

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